Monster Motorhome Fines In Portugal – Rally Moselle

Eye-watering fines handed out to illegally parked motorhomers in Portugal.

Also, a quick look at the Moselle (Mosel) region of west Germany, scene of this weekend’s Rally Deutschland. More delays for the Denmark-Germany Fehmarn Link.



Campers taking advantage of liberal camping rules landed with huge fines.

Photo '48 Hours in Lisbon' from Mercedes-Benz

Photo ‘48 Hours in Lisbon‘  from Mercedes-Benz

Motorhome owners have been fined enormous sums for illegal parking in Portugal.

The fines have ranged from €200 right up to €22,500 according to The Portugal Times.

Despite generally liberal rules on motorhome parking – it has been described as one of the few places in Europe where you can still stay on the beach overnight, for instance – police have been cracking down in sensitive areas.

Hotspots include the Ria Formosa Natural Park, the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Aljezur, Arrifana, Bordeira and Sagres.

The recent fines come on top of the twenty two eviction notices handed out to campers in Alentejo in June.

The free and easy wild camping rules have however sometimes caused tensions with locals.

So far in 2015, police have issued 179 fines compared to 217 in the whole of last year, and 659 since 2009. Less than a fifth have been given to Portuguese nationals.

Meanwhile, police have started a month’s work to rule over employment conditions. They will favour ‘educational actions’ on traffic offences until the end of September. It’s not clear if this includes illegal motorhome parking.



World Rally cars charge through one of the prettiest parts of Germany this weekend. Rally Deutschland centres around Trier, on the Luxembourg and Belgian borders, in the west. Today is spent mainly along the north bank of the River Moselle – above – with a stage in the Eifel Mountains to the north west. Saturday is on country roads around St Wendel to the south east of Trier, with a session on the Panzerplatte military training ground at Baunholder. The final stage of that day, and both on Sunday, are among the vineyards again on the south bank of the river, to the north east of Trier. See more here.


roundup: DENMARK. More delays are likely to the landmark Fehmarn Tunnel to Germany reports thanks to environmental concerns. Originally it was to be in operation in 2021 but that has since slipped to 2024 and may now be put back at least an extra year. The authorities have always insisted the project is environmentally friendly as the ‘tunnel’ is formed from pre-fab concrete tubes laid on the sea bed, rather than ‘destructive’ digging, but now 3100 objections have amassed from Germany. Denmark is famously shouldering the vast majority of costs associated with Fehmarn though the EU awarded the (currently estimated) €5.5bn project a €589m grant in June, itself said to be considerably less than was hoped, and potentially the source of further delays.


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