Austria Migrant Truck Tragedy – Atomium #TBT

A truck containing the bodies of ‘dozens’ of migrants is found on the A4 to Vienna.

Also, in an up and down week for Belgium, a parking-eye view of the amazing Atomium in Brussels.



Dozens of migrants dead inside truck parked on A4 to Vienna.

The truck containing the bodies of dozens of migrants found beside the A4 in Austria today may have been there for several days.

Police were alerted at 11:30 this morning to the 7.5 tonne refrigerated Volvo, parked in an emergency layby off the A4 towards Vienna near Parndorf.

The vehicle was first spotted by staff from national roads manager ASFINAG yesterday.

Channel 4 Lindsey Hilsum journalist drove past just afterwards and said there was a ‘terrible smell of death in the air’.

Police are still not sure exactly how many bodies are inside but say it could be as many as fifty, all believed suffocated.

With ‘putrefaction liquid’ having leaked from the rear door, according to the police statement, the migrants are likely to have died long before the vehicle was parked.

The truck remained in place until late afternoon with traffic allowed to pass on the outer lane.

The 7.5 tonne refrigerated Volvo is Hungarian registered but has the livery of Slovakian chicken processor Hyza.

A statement on Hyza’s Facebook page denied the firm has anything to do with the incident.

It says the company trucks are equipped with GPS and are all currently in Slovakia. The vehicle in question was one of a batch of twenty sold in 2013-14 to seven other Slovak firms it says.

Meanwhile, the driver fled the scene and is still at large. Austrian and Hungarian police have launched a joint manhunt.



It’s been Belgium week, one way and another, what with the farmer protests, Grand Prix and new truck safety study/Highway Code (and congestion rankings), so Throw Back Thursday is this from December 2013, parked underneath the Atomium in north Brussels, just inside the ring road. Built for the 1958 Word Fair, the 335ft high model of an iron crystal is a museum day to day. Each of the aluminium-clad spheres are connected by escalators with a panoramic restaurant at the top. Photo @DriveEurope


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