No End In Sight Eurotunnel Migrant Disruption

No comment from Eurotunnel as services disrupted by migrants on a daily basis, again, despite new security.



Now daily disruption at Eurotunnel despite new security.

New security fencing at Eurotunnel in France is clearly not up to the task. Photo @DriveEurope.

New security fencing at Eurotunnel in France is clearly not up to the task. Photo @DriveEurope.

Another strike at Calais and repeated migrant actions at Eurotunnel’s French terminal this week saw Cross-channel traffic come uncomfortably close to a repeat of the summer’s chaos.

As it was, truck drivers waited for up to 36 hours at Calais when security staff went on a go-slow.

Meanwhile, Eurotunnel freight settled into a daily pattern of overnight cancellations followed by tunnel inspections and delays of up to ten hours in France. Regular services have rarely resumed before early afternoon.

Despite new security measures installed in recent months, migrants seemingly have access to the site at will.

Driver Alan Smith told us today (Friday), ‘Sitting in the secure freight zone at Eurotunnel beyond all the fences and gendarmes, there’s still immigrants walking around!!’

(It was a similar story on Thursday in Calais as the backlog of trucks was parked outside the secure zone in the East Port.

Driver Steve Brown told us, ‘We have been in the Hoverport 3 and half hrs now, moving to lanes but long queues into lanes to check in.. what makes it worse is the illegals are everywhere even inside the Hoverport.’)

Following the meeting in August between the UK and French home secretaries it was said new fencing at Eurotunnel would be finished ‘at the end of the month’.

Migrant activity subsequently fell away but resumed earlier this month.

A ‘mass invasion’ of migrants at the French terminal on Saturday 3 October was described by a Eurotunnel spokesperson at the time as a ‘last ditch attempt’ before new fencing was installed.

We asked Eurotunnel this week if there was any end in sight to the disruption, and whether the new security measures will be enough, but the company is yet to respond.

Update 20 October: Sunday 18 October was shaping up to be Eurotunnel’s first disruption-free day in a while. However, a technical fault overnight was followed by another migrant disturbance early on MOnday morning. The operator told us, ‘Service was disrupted and suspended this morning due to large scale migrant activity again. Not only on our French Terminal also at the Frethun [freight train] yard.’


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