The Ultimate Go Anywhere, Do Anything Car

Is the Evoque Cabriolet a mere fashion accessory, or a rugged jack of all trades? We will find out next year.

Also, an autumnal road scape from Slovenia. Spain to follow France with traffic drones.



High hopes all round for Range Rover’s upcoming convertible SUV.

Land Rover aren't doing the Evoque Cabriolet any favours by

Land Rover aren’t doing the Evoque Cabriolet any favours by placing confected wire models outside Harrods as part of its pre-lunch hype. Photo @LandRover

Unbowed by the abject failure of the Nissan Murano convertible SUV in America last year, Land Rover is about to launch the Evoque Cabriolet.

We’ve already ordered one.

Rarely has there been such a despised car. The original hard top Evoque lost all credibility with enthusiasts when Land Rover asked Victoria Beckham to ‘design’ the special debut edition.

The convertible version has reinforced its footballers’ wives credentials almost exponentially.

However, we are concentrating on this car’s capabilities rather than its image.

In essence it’s a (very) compact, comfy, high-riding 4×4 with real off-road ability, and the added benefit of being completely open to the incredible views we intend to drive it to.

(Our current Evoque does have the corner-to-corner glass roof but it doesn’t really cut it.)

Okay it’s no sports car. But the basic Evoque is very suited to the ultra long-distance driving we like to do (ours has covered more than 50,000 miles in eighteen months). It’s a proper junior Range Rover in fact. 

Along with the smart badge on the bonnet – see we do care about image a little bit – the Evoque Cabriolet should be the ultimate go-anywhere, do anything car.

Nevertheless, having placed a £1,000 deposit, for delivery next May, we are nervous.

At least it seems Land Rover won’t have to worry about sales. Our dealer has already sold seventy EvoCabs, including seventeen last weekend off the back of the wire model publicity stunt in London, above.

Next up: meeting other prospective owners at the dealer preview next month.


Nice autumn picture: 'on the way to the Vrsic Pass', Slovenia. Photo EJ Cheberle via @IGSlovenia

Nice autumn picture: ‘On the way to the Vrsic Pass’, Slovenia. See more on Slovenia’s mountain roads. Photo EJ Cheberle via @IGSlovenia


roundup: SPAIN. Like France, Spain will deploy drones to monitor drivers and traffic reports The Local Spain. A prototype should go on trial next year though full-time deployment would mean a change in the law. Spain currently has a fleet of twelve helicopters equipped with radar and high-resolution cameras which can spot drivers without seatbelts, for instance.


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