France Cancels Truck Vignette Now Too

France is having no luck with truck tolls. The latest plan for a €500 annual charge goes the same way as its unfortunate Ecotaxe predecessor.

Also, a quick National Lorry Week look at the most powerful truck on the market, the 750bhp Volvo FH16 750. And, a second licence issued for a 60 tonne ‘Ecocombi’  in Belgium.



€500 annual truck toll goes same way as Ecotaxe; diesel tax likely instead.

France has been desperately trying to replace to revenue from the failed Ecotaxe truck toll system.

France has been desperately trying to replace to expected revenue from the failed Ecotaxe truck toll system. The search goes on.

France has cancelled plans for a truck vignette it was announced today.

The toll sticker was expected to cost €500 each year and apply to all roads in the country as the government looked to replace the revenue lost from the failed Ecotaxe truck toll system.

The new charge was expected to raise €95m each year from foreign hauliers.

However, the government was persuaded the vignette would increase traffic as operators made the most of their investment Transport minister Alain Vidalies told the congress of the Organisation des Transporteurs Routiers Européens (ORTE) in Bordeaux today reports

ORTE, which had backed the vignette idea as ‘simple and equitable’, and sat on the government Committee where the idea was developed, described Vidalie’s announcement, via video, as ‘inglorious’.

Neither will France join the Eurovignette system for trucks as the directive prevents double tolling. Most motorways are already charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

It seems a 4c tax surcharge will be added to the price of diesel instead. However, this would raise only around €25m.

Rumours of the vignette first surfaced in August in a report in Le Figaro. An announcement was expected within days, shortly after a government reshuffle, but neither materialised.


The most powerful truck currently on sale, Volvo's FH16 750. More later

Volvo Trucks might be the master of viral internet marketing – it’s Epic Spilt video with Jean Claude Van Damme has been watched an epic 85 million times – but arguably more impressive is the sheer grunt of its FH16 750: not just the headline 750bhp – which makes it the most powerful truck on the market – but also an eye watering 3550Nm (2618lb ft) of torque from its 16 litre straight six engine. But why have that much power when trucks are limited to 100kmh? The answer is the same as for high powered cars: the quicker the vehicle achieves its legal terminal speed the faster it gets to its ultimate destination. On the super long distance transcontinental trips these beasts are used for – up to one million kilometers in five years – that adds up to a considerable advantage. Photo Volvo Trucks.


roundup: BELGIUM. A second Belgian haulier has been licenced to operate a so-called Ecocombi says roads authority Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer (AWV). Gilbert De Clercq International Transport and Logistics will run the 25.25m, 60t trailer combination on a defined route around the Port of Antwerp until June 2016 on a trial to assess, primarily, road safety. If all goes well the trial could be extended for a further two years. Two Ecocombis, also called Longer and Heavier Vehicles (LHV), can carry the same load as three standard articulated trucks, saving kilometres travelled and emissions though their use is controversial. Ninatrans of Leuven was awarded the first LHV licence earlier this year.


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