Runaway Transporter Devastates A8 Nice Peage

Suspected brake failure sees car transporter crash head on into autoroute peage in France. Questions arise about the wisdom of toll booths at the bottom of steep descents.

Also, a National Lorry Week look at the racy MAN TGX.



Brake failure sees car transporter plough into toll booths.

Less than a week after the tragic coach crash in Bordeaux in which 43 people died, France has been hit by another major accident.

Fortunately on this occasion the consequences were less severe.

One person, a motorbike rider, died and eight were wounded, three seriously, after a car transporter ploughed into the Saint Isidore peage on the A8 westbound near Nice late yesterday afternoon.

Twitter user @HabsyP witnessed the aftermath while driving in the opposite direction.

The truck, Romanian registered says Nice Matin, suffered brake failure on the downhill approach to the toll booths according to Alpes-Maritimes police.

Local councillor Patrick Allemand said on twitter, referring to the crash, ’The choice to build a motorway peage at the bottom of a steep descent is crass stupidity.’

Truck driver @Taffilainen notes a similar set up on the A10 at Irun on the Spanish border near Bordeaux.

However, a truck driver familiar with the road – where there is a 50kmh limit for heavy vehicles – doubts the brake failure theory. @PatSmithF1 tells us, ‘There are at least three escape ramps coming down the hill, my guess is too fast for too long and he got brake fade at the bottom.’

Fifteen vehicles were involved, all of which remain on site for the initial investigation.

The peage itself is closed until further notice says Vinci Autoroutes, including the J52 slip road at Saint Isidore in the direction of Aix-en-Provence.

After long delays this morning traffic now back to free-flowing.


A quick National Lorry Week look at the MAN TGX. More later.

Wot no Scania on this National Lorry Week run through the major brands of current long haul trucks? No, because the current offering from the cult Swedish maker is now a bit long in the tooth (despite having the latest generation of clean engines). Instead, a look at the long-haul TGX from Scania’s sister brand MAN – both now owned by Volkswagen – specifically the 560bhp D38 ‘100 Years’ special edition which made a star turn at this year’s Worthersee tuner festival in Austria. Such an appearance is entirely appropriate since MAN dominates the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. Three of the five teams, and seven of the twelve drivers, run the Munich-built trucks. Photo MAN Trucks.


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