Passo San Boldo

Also, a quick look at Italy’s Passo San Boldo. Security fencing now fully installed at Eurotunnel France, and a month without migrant trouble (outside, anyway). New more convenient ways to pay the M25 Dart Charge. Fines cut for new Russia GPS truck toll.


San Boldo Pass., Italy. More later.

On the radar since @AutoBant’s October Sunday Scenario – ‘Tunnel-hairpin-tunnel-hairpin, tackling driving’s greatest combo in a car of your choice’ – SP635 Passo San Boldo runs 17km between Trichiana and Tovena in north east Italy. Since it tops out at a modest 706m (2316ft), its defining feature is a series of five cascading hairpins and tunnels, and six bridges. It was built in 100 days by the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1918 to supply the Piave front. Traffic is one-way-at-a-time only, regulated by traffic lights. Photo via Mercedes-Benz Brand Club.


roundupCHANNEL. A stock market announcement no less from Eurotunnel says a new 37km security fence is now fully installed around its French terminal and that, as a consequence, there have been no migrant-related disruptions for four weeks now (though @2JZ_TRD says ‘truck drivers are still taking a battering from ‘refugees’ outside). Eurotunnel also says it had the busiest day of the year for trucks on Thursday 19 November when it carried 6768 vehicles. DARTFORD CROSSING. Two new ways to pay the Dart Charge, announces Highways England, either via Pay as you Go which deducts money automatically after registering a vehicle and payment details, or by using the Pingit smartphone app. This is on top of the existing pre-pay account, or the manual phone or internet method (which has to be paid before midnight of the day following). The charge applies between 06:00-22:00. RUSSIA. Fines for the newly introduced GPS-managed truck toll will be cut ninefold – from 450,000RUB (€6500) to 50,000RUB (€725) – after widespread protests, a hacker attack and a tragic incidents in which protestors were run down by an out of control truck reports Moscow Times. The system has applied to vehicles 12t+ since Sunday 15 November. See more.


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