European Cost of Parking Survey

London and Scandinavia top the per-hour parking charts – but Geneva is by far the most expensive for the whole day says a new survey.

Also, a Good Morning from a good value hotel 7559ft up Austria’s Grossglockner. Luxembourg triples fine for parking in disabled spaces. Outrage as Belgian region proposes a road toll for cars.



London most expensive but Berlin surprisingly cheap.


London edges out Stockholm for having the most expensive parking in Europe according to a new survey.

Euronews compared the average prices of car parks near historic city centres, and the prices according to time and place.

While the average cost of parking per hour is €3 in the 32 European cities examined, London comes in at €8, and Stockholm €7.65.

Next is Oslo at just over €6 with Amsterdam, Madrid and Copenhagen all about €5.

Cheapest is Bucharest and Sofia, the Romanian and Bulgarian capitals respectively, at €0.50 with Warsaw at €1.15.

Surprisingly cheap is Berlin at €2 per hour, around the same as Prague, Vilnius and Ljubljana, but also Brussels and Luxembourg.

Paris at €4 comes in alongside Vienna, Zurich and Athens.

In terms of parking for the whole day however, Geneva comes out on top at €66 with Paris at €36 and London at €48. The average is around €20 per day.

In our experience parking prices vary widely even within cities (Euronews found this too with per hour charges in London ranging from €3.80 in St Pancras to €11.40 in Oxford Street).

Meanwhile, on-street parking places may be free overnight but the hourly rates are normally much higher than underground or multi-story car parks, and they can be subject to strict warden-enforced maximum time limits, as well as being hard to find and less secure.

On-site parking at hotels is always preferred, but rates commonly top €20 per day here too. 


Good morning from the Berggasthof Wallackhaus off Grossglockner, Austria at 2304m (7559ft). Doubles from €78. Photo:

Clearing up nicely at the Berggasthof Wallackhaus off Grossglockner, Austria at 2304m (7559ft). Doubles from €78. Photo:


roundup: LUXEMBOURG. The fine for parking in a disabled bay has increased from €49 to a whopping €145 as of Sunday reports Locals however will no longer have a point deducted from their driving licence. Meanwhile, police have embarked on a week-long blitz on documents, ending Sunday. By law drivers must have a driving licence, insurance certificate and registration document. The fine is €24 for each missing document. BELGIUM. Outrage today as the Flemish Minister for Transport proposed a road toll for cars. The plan was immediately denounced by Dutch motoring club ANWB after Ben Weyts perhaps misleading characterised the charge as a way for transit (foreign) drivers to pay towards the upkeep of the roads (a la German ‘foreigner toll’). In fact it seems Weyts means the road charge should be paid by everybody, domestic and foreign, according to De Redactie. Nevertheless, ANWB said if Flanders wanted to charge for roads they should first improve the quality reports POLITICO Europe. Dutch transport minister Melanie Schultz also said she would keep a ‘sharp eye’ on developments. Flanders recently got as far as trialling a GPS-based, pay-as-you go road charge but the plans foundered after the General Election. Neither Brussels region nor Wallonia was keen.


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