Moscow Wins International Most Improved Award

Some surprisingly sensible traffic measures win Moscow ITF’s prestigious ‘Transport Achievement Award’.

Lamborghini marks fifty years of the Miura on Great San Bernardino. The new truck toll is proving very lucrative for Belgium.


Moscow won a prize from the International Transport Forum yesterday for its efforts to clear congestion in the city. More later.

Once a byword for gridlock, the remarkable improvement in Moscow traffic sees it awarded the 2016 Transport Achievement Award this week by the ITF International Transport Forum (ITF). Despite the 600 new cars registered in the Russian capital each day, the number of cars in the centre has been cut by 25 percent; average speed of traffic has increased by 12 percent and the city has fallen from first to fifth in TomTom’s annual Traffic Index since 2013. What is more, it has been achieved without radical measures. The introduction of paid for parking and an expansion of the public transport system – buses, trams and metro – seems to have done the trick (see the full list of improvements here). ‘For many years, Muscovites believed that traffic jams were simply the price to pay for living in a big city. This has changed’, said Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow. Photo





roundup: BELGIUM. The new truck toll rakes in €2.4 million each day. Around 130,000 trucks drive 24 million kilometres on the country’s roads every working day paying an average €18.50 each according to system operator ViaPass (via Flanders News) – around 60 percent of them foreign vehicles. The revenue is divided between the regions with 60 percent going to Flanders in the north, 38 percent to Wallonia in the south and 2 percent to the Brussels capital region. The money will be used to pay for road maintenance and cut taxes for citizens. Belgium introduced the electronic truck on 1 April. The charge was initially highly controversial and accompanied by three days of road block by angry hauliers, but the situation has calmed considerably since.


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