Do Not Cross France Without Enough Fuel

A quarter of France’s filling stations are affected as fuel shortages spread around the country, and the RAC issues uncompromising advice.

Also some links to find fuel in your area.



Shortages widespread around the country.

Porsche racers run out of fuel on the way to Le Mans. Not. Or at least not yet. Photo @FIAWEC

Porsche racers run out of fuel on the way to Le Mans. Not. Or at least not yet. Photo @FIAWEC

The French government is making all the right noises about forcing strikers to step down the blockades of oil refineries and depots.

The problem is it has been saying the same thing for the past few days without much success – though the blockade of the Fos sur Mer refinery at Marseille was broken overnight, and tankers have been driving in and out today.

Supply in the Pas de Calais part of northern France has also reportedly improved this afternoon, and Dunkerque. Meanwhile in the Rennes region, 350 trucks will deliver ‘millions of litres of fuel by tonight’.

However, workers in all eight of France’s refineries have now joined the industrial action.

Meanwhile, the situation overall has deteriorated since yesterday. Up to a quarter of the country’s 12,000 filing stations are now running out of fuel, either completely or partially (since increased to around 3500).

The biggest effects were concentrated in the north and northwest but now almost the entire country is struggling, at least in parts.

We have heard reports today of no fuel from Antibes in the south east and Avignon and Narbonne in the south west. Also sites across the border form Geneva are starting to struggle too.

For the time being, the RAC was right to say yesterday, ‘If you are about to cross France, it’s vital you have enough fuel to complete your whole journey otherwise you may well find yourself stranded’.

Resources: Mon Essence fuel comparison site has a real-time map of affected filling stations (as does Clubic and Le Parisien). SANEF autoroutes keeps and up-to-date list, as does freight refueller AS24. VisActu tweets regular updates about the areas of the country affected. See also this twitter list of all France’s prefectures, many of them with up to date info on the local area.

Yesterday: the situation in Nord Pas de Calais remains ‘very uncertain’ says La Voix du Nord. Exit filling station Eurotunnel France still reserved for emergency vehicles. Five out of eight refineries are reportedly not working though apparently the Seine-Maritime region Le Havre-Rouen is getting back to normal. The (opposed) FNTR haulier union says ‘the situation is deteriorating at breakneck speed’. Workers at the huge Le Havre refinery voted to join the strike. Catch up with what happened over the weekend.


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