Take Extra Care in Calais Overnight

The latest migrant incident on the port road reinforces how dangerous Calais can be overnight.

Also, Stelvio closed – temporarily – due to south side landslide. Red light for Croatia’s Bosnia-bypass bridge, but slammer for Slovak drink driver. Fancy French speed cameras coming next year. Trabi slips on autobahn snail slime.



Latest incident sees car written off after collision with migrant barricade.

Steven Swinscoe's car written off after collision with Calais migrant blockade. Photo

Car written off after colliding with Calais migrant blockade. Photo courtesy of Steven Swinscoe

A car has been written off after colliding with a migrant blockade in Calais overnight.

Steven Swinscoe was heading into the port on the N216 access road at 01:00 this morning (Wednesday).

He told us, ‘At least two vehicles including ours fell victim. There were no street lights. It seemed to be logs/bricks/debris wrapped together to form a barricade.

I managed to limp to the ferry but the car is now written off. French police showed no interest whatsoever. A lucky escape as it could have been far, far worse.’

The incident happened on the N216 port access road off the A16, just after J3 with Rue Yervant Toumaniantz.

Mr Swinscoe says the lack of street lighting makes collisions almost unavoidable.

A new security fence has been built along the port road. As of last week it was waiting for lights and security cameras to be wired up.

While migrant trouble in Calais during the day time is rare – last week’s incidents aside – it is a different matter overnight.

Truck driver Colin Petts tells us, ‘I see it as I come out of Calais, a tree and bushes across the road. It happens every night.’

This is borne out by regular reports in the local press, and by campaign group Les Calaisiens en Colere.

While trucks are the focus of most of the trouble, private vehicles are – seemingly – increasingly vulnerable too.

In the early hours of last Saturday morning, a biker was injured after colliding with a migrant barricade on the A16 autoroute.

Meanwhile, French president Francois Hollande made it clear today the Brexit vote will not see the UK border moved back across the Channel. The migrants are in Calais permanently it seems.

Update 30 June: @TrafficBasher witnessed more trouble in Calais early this morning.

On twitter at 06:00BST he said, ‘Trucks being stopped by migrants on Calais port approach road. Lead truck has 3+ on roof, other trucks held up behind being stormed. Approximately 30-50 migrants on the carriageway. Police running down to deal with it.’


stelvio b

Rock fall overnight has closed the southern stretch of the Stelvio Pass. The landslide cut SS38 between the Bagni Vecchi Hotel on the Bormio side, up to the turning for Umbrail Pass. Stelvio is apparently still open from the north. Ultra-runner ‘Run Geordie Run‘ – on a round the world endurance run – says the local mayor told him the road will reopen at noon tomorrow (update: Stelvio has now reopened). Photo @ValtellinaTweets 


roundup: a Slovak bus driver with a full complement of passengers was found to have a blood alcohol content of nearly 2.4g per litre in Dubrovnik, Croatia this week reports b92.net. The limit for car drivers is 0.5 – compared to the UK’s 0.8 – but is zero for professional drivers. He was banned for two years and sent to prison for 49 days. Meanwhile, tendering has started for Croatia’s Peljesac Bridge which will bypass Bosnia’s land corridor at Neum. The €526 million project is being 70 percent funded by the EU says World Highways. The 2.4km crossing to the Peljesac Peninsula was highly controversial for many years since it might have limited access to Bosnia’s only port. But the latest version is 268m at its widest and 55m high, enough to accommodate most ships. Drivers heading to and from Dubrovnik through Neum often face long waits and, since Croatia joined the EU, uncertain requirements on car insurance… France takes delivery next year of sophisticated, high tech Mesta Fusion speed cameras which can photograph up to 32 different vehicles across eight lanes of traffic in high resolution images. They can detect drivers going too fast but also those who go too slow, tailgaters, entry into closed lanes, red light jumpers or monitor no-overtaking sections and turning restrictions reports The Connexion. However, since Brexit, it seems there is no danger of the British government signing up to the EU’s cross-border directive on traffic fines as it was supposed to by May 2017… a vintage Trabant was severely damaged after skidding on ‘snail slime’ and crashing into the barriers on the A33 autobahn near Paderborn this morning. The driver was unharmed in the incident reports The Local Germany which occurred after the man crossing what police described as ‘a whole caravan of snails’. It’s not clear if snail slime is a common hazard on German roads. Take care.


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