German Summer Road Works Up By 50 Percent

Germany wastes no time putting its €260 billion roads plan into operation – but it means certain misery for drivers on some major holiday routes (and not just this year).

Also, Modballers run into trouble in France. A very close shave on Fluela Pass. Another all-day delay on Germany A2. Eurotunnel forecasts more migrant trouble in Calais.



Popular holiday routes caught in major network overhaul.

The A9 Nuremberg-Munich at Pfaffenhofen gets the works this summer: narrow lanes, contraflow and reduced speed limit. Avoid at all costs. Photo

The A9 Nuremberg-Munich at Pfaffenhofen gets the works this summer: narrow lanes, contraflow and reduced speed limit. Avoid at all costs. Photo Bayern Info

Road works on Denmark’s Storebaelt Bridge caused such huge traffic jams yesterday they were called off in the afternoon and will now be completed at night, or postponed until August.

Sadly there is no chance of the same thing happening in Germany this summer.

The network is already reaping the benefits of the €260 billion infrastructure plan announced in March.

Maintenance spending jumped from €5.1 billion last year to €6.2 billion this year.

All that extra cash sees the length of active road works grow from 740km in summer 2015 to 1000km now says ADAC, a rise of 50 percent.

Among the hundreds of on-going projects, five stand out.

The longest at 18.2km is the on-going widening works on the A9 Nuremberg-Munich at Pfaffenhofen.

Next is the 15.7km overhaul on the A9 Leipzig-Berlin at Dessau.

Then two 14.9km sections, on the A8 Stuttgart-Ulm at Merklingen and A7 Wurzburg-Ulm at Marktbreit.

The redevelopment of the Berlin A10 ring in the south west at Potsdam seems minor in this company at just 11.3km.

All five have already seen delays of up to 90 minutes at busy times.

Aside from these, the road to beware is the A2 past Hanover which has a series of road works from Gutersloh in the west to Magdeburg in the east. It is also exceptionally accident-prone

German roads certainly need the work. Just one summer might be worth it. But spending tops €6.6 billion in 2018.



Six drivers on this year’s Modball Rally were caught speeding according to French police while three had their driving licences confiscated. @Gendarmerie tweeted pictures today of a Mercedes-AMG GT, Lamborghini Hurracan and BMW X5, all emblazoned with the rally stickers. Licences are typically taken away for speeds of more than 40kmh above the speed limit. Modball started on Pall Mall, London, on Sunday. The organisers claim 180 teams from 28 countries on its seven day adventure with stops in Paris, Lyon, Monaco, Barcelona and Valencia. Photo @Gendarmerie


roundup: a very close shave for a motorhomer on Fluela Pass in east Switzerland on Saturday. The German driver lost his brakes and had to career into the barrier on a hairpin reports The Local Switzerland. The brake failure was apparently caused by overheating brake fluid. Police praised the man’s actions… for the second time in less than a week, drivers on Germany’s Dortmund-Berlin A2 motorway have been caught in all-day delays. An accident yesterday morning at Lauenau west of Hanover saw ‘severe’ damage to the road surface from spilled diesel reports Der Spiegel. The road was closed for seven hours though the disruption lasted for 24 hours. Police apparently had to wake up sleeping truck drivers when the road did eventually reopen, and wait for others to return from a nearby service station, adding to delays. Drivers leaving vehicles on an autobahn can be fined €10, and have points on their licence. Last week, drivers were stuck almost as long on the A2 at Brandenburg near Berlin… as it unveiled the drones it will use to bolster security at its terminal in France, Eurotunnel warns about ‘increased migrant pressure’ this summer. In widely quoted remarks, boss Jacques Gounon said the Brexit vote could make migrants think an ‘almost impossible to overcome wall’ will be built leading them to try ever harder to reach the UK while they still can. Eurotunnel has been trouble free for many months but Calais saw four separate incidents last week after a long period of quiet (in the day time). At the same time, presidential hopeful and current French economy minister Emmanuel Macron said Brexit was an opportunity to revise the Le Touquet treaty, the agreement which allows UK border controls on French territory and keeps the migrants in France. ‘[Brexit] reopens these issues and we have a right to be more demanding to our British partner,’ he told AFP on a visit to the Calais region yesterday. In the wake of the Brexit vote last week, both the Calais mayor and the regional president called for the treaty to be cancelled though it stands outside the EU’s remit.


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