German ‘Clogged Highways Wherever You Look’

Significant return traffic adds to the load on Europe’s roads for the first time this summer at the weekend, particularly in Germany, as France builds towards Black Saturday.

Also, international truck drivers profiled as France minimum wage amnesty ends. Call for free autobahn loos. British border to stay in Calais. Scandal setback for Spanish traffic agency.



Busy weekend on the roads, especially Germany, Gotthard, from Vienna, and Brenner.

horain traffic crop

Ahead of next weekend’s Black Saturday, a typical summer weekend on the roads in France: heavy outbound from Paris on Friday afternoon; heavy to the west, south west and south east on Saturday – from first thing in the morning, declining from mid-afternoon – with the first returns starting to creep in and much quieter on Sunday.

However, the Mont Blanc Tunnel from France to Italy will be exceptionally busy on Friday afternoon – likely three hour delays – though the situation improves steadily over the rest of the weekend.

Meanwhile there will be ‘clogged highways wherever you look’ over in Germany according to ADAC, on Friday and Saturday, again with return traffic starting to make an impression, but calmer on Sunday.

Jams start later than in France with the regular exception of A8-A1 Munich-Salzburg.

Switzerland is in the middle of its six week super-busy weekends run with multi-hour delays expected at the Gotthard Tunnel, in both directions, and at least crowded on the A1 Zurich-Bern, especially around Solothurn, and where it intersects with the A2 Basel-Lucerne at Egerkingen/Oftringen.

It will be another busy Saturday in Austria too, particularly on the A4-M1 Vienna-Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Drivers should watch out for motorway delays at the border with Germany too.

Holiday traffic continues to build in Italy generally – on Friday afternoon and Saturday night this weekend, to the resorts – but overall is not likely to be overly crowded.

The exception is the A22 Brennero Innsbruck-Verona which will be super-busy in both directions, all day on Saturday.

See an overview of European summer traffic.



Insightful interviews with international truck drivers by, detailing declining pay, conditions and prestige, all without mentioning Calais. Meanwhile, today is the final day of amnesty on the new minimum wage law for all professional drivers in France which entered force on 1 July. 


roundup: autobahn toilets should be free to use says Die Linke Partei (The Left Party) ahead of the general election next year reports The Local Germany. Restaurants and airports are obliged to offer free toilets but train stations and motorway services are not. Users typically pay 70c to use service station loos, 50c of which is refunded for subsequent purchases, excluding fuel and tobacco products… the RHA Road Haulage Association welcomes today’s news that British border controls will remain on the French side of the English Channel. The possible collapse of the Le Touquet Agreement – where the UK and France have border controls on each other’s territory – has been a hot issue since Brexit due to the Calais migrant camp which continues to dog drivers overnight in the area. However, new Prime Minister Theresa May and French president Francois Hollande agreed in Paris today that the current arrangement should continue – though Hollande is up for election next year and is widely expected not to win… the Director General of Spain’s traffic agency DGT has resigned amid – firmly denied – accusations of improper payments to her husband’s university. Despite stagnating road safety statistics recently, Maria Segui was widely considered to be effective in the role. The scandal is bound to be a setback as Spain continues so far successful attempts to claw its way among Europe’s safest roads.


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