On Tour with Koenigsegg in Southern Sweden

Koenigsegg hasn’t made very many cars, so the 16 which turned out for the very first owners’ event – a loop of southern Sweden via Copenhagen and the Bjare Peninsula – made up a significant proportion of its lifetime production.

Also, call for Calais to close overnight after latest port road incidents. Sea Marshals dropped onto Brittany Ferries boat in security exercise. Plan to improve traffic flow on Brussels ring road. Mercedes rolls out downloadable tour plans.



First ever owner’s tour takes in the scenic and otherwise peaceful Bjare Peninsula.


Photo @Koenigsegg – see more photos.

Just over 10 percent of Koenigsegg’s lifetime production assembled in downtown Copenhagen last month for the megacar manufacturer’s first ever owners’ gathering, a tour of southern Sweden and Denmark’s Zeeland island.

Ten percent of Koenigsegg production is sixteen cars.

It is always interesting to see the roads car makers use to show off their products.

In this case, after a night at Copenhagen’s Hotel d’Angleterre, the party crossed over to nearby southern Sweden on the always spectacular Oresund Link – including a ‘minor delay’ at the enduring border controls – before a country drive through rolling Skane, Sweden’s breadbasket, and landscapes familiar to Wallander fans, including the signature vast fields of sunflowers.

Rather than east to the TV detective’s hometown Ystad, the drivers went north to the scenic and otherwise peaceful Bjare Peninsula, home of the Koenigsegg factory at Angelholm Airport, and something of a millionaire’s playground.

Fifteen of the cars then enjoyed a session on Koenigsegg’s own test track.

After a back-road drive to the sports resort Bastad, owners assembled for the night at the Torekov Hotel and Spa.

This place must be really special if it was preferred it to the Skansen Hotel, on the beach in Bastad.

It’s one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in, also host of the Swedish Open tennis tournament with the sea view centre court incorporated into the hotel complex.

Torekov is at the westernmost end of Bjare looking out to Hallands Vadero island, the base for British sailors during the 1807 Battle of Copenhagen.

The bodies of those who died are buried outside the church walls because their religion was aid to be unknown.

Next day the Koenigsegg owners’ tour returned to Denmark by the alternative way across the Oresund, the Helsingborg-Helsingor ferry (Helsingor as in Elsinore from Shakespeare’s Hamlet).

They then turned south back towards Copenhagen, stopping at Kokkedal Castle for the final night, including dinner, dancing, singing, and polo.


malaga use

Porsche might have something to say but arguably Mercedes leads on driver services with its ‘experience centres’, ‘travel experiences‘ and classic car hire. It has now gone a step further with downloadable tour itineraries. There are 21 in total, fourteen of which are in Europe (and three, strangely, around Frankfurt – Spessart, Taunus and Wisper valley). Otherwise all the major road trip destinations are included from the Alps, Cote d’Azur, Tuscany, Spain (Malaga, pictured), Corsica, Portugal and Slovenia. The full download service which updates the vehicle’s satnav via a SIM card is only available to drivers with the Mercedes’ COMMAND infotainment system – but the maps and details are on the website for anyone keen to locate the best roads.


roundup: a Belgian driver was threatened with a chainsaw as he tried to reach Calais port says the FTA Freight Transport Association. The man’s boss apparently begged authorities, ‘Please do something, there will be deaths. Our drivers are threatened every night.’ The FTA’s Chris Yarsley says, ‘Attacks like this are unacceptable and more needs to be done to protect drivers as they go about their work.’ Truck driver @Gromit came back through Calais early on Saturday morning and saw hay bales thrown on the road. He said police were dealing with the incident but that, ‘Unfortunately they were simply outnumbered. Calais port should be closed at night until safe passage assured…’ Such incidents are indeed almost nightly (as this report from France24 makes clear). Another horrifying recent incident included a Spanish trucker held at knifepoint for 90 minutes by migrants trying to stowaway. The advice continues to be to avoid the N216/A216 Calais port road ‘rocade’ overnight… Three armed French sea marshals were landed on a Brittany Ferries boat by helicopter in a security exercise as it crossed from Portsmouth to Caen. Passengers were alerted by tannoy. It comes after reports at the weekend security was being stepped up at the Channel in the face of a perceived terrorist threat. A Brittany Ferries spokesman told the Plymouth Herald, ‘Access to outside decks was not allowed at the time of the helicopter’s arrival. The security crew travelled with passengers to France, where they left the ship on foot. Security exercises like today’s on board Mont St Michel give Brittany Ferries an opportunity to practise its incident response in partnership with other agencies…’ Ahead of its full scale redevelopment starting in 2019, the Brussels R0 ring road is to have revamped lane marking at its major junctions E40, E19 and A12 to improve traffic flow reports Flanders Today. However, no time scale is mentioned.


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